Find all our vehicles in Guiana

Need a car rental in French Guiana ? We have something for everyone! We have 7 different categories, ranging from economic to prestige vehicles, including family cars and SUVs. Do not hesitate to contact us to help you choose your vehicle.
Jumbo Car Guyana 1st car rental company since 1977.

For each type of trip in Guyana, the right vehicle! Prefer an elevated vehicle (SUV type) with a suitable engine (> 90 hp) type for driving on paved roads. To enjoy your ride in the deep nature of Guyana, opt for a 4x4. Of course, remember to check that the trunk capacity is adapted to your luggage if you travel with your family or with sailing or diving equipment.

In Guyana, you have the possibility of using two types of fuel :

  • Super unleaded

  • Diesel fuel

It is interesting to know that the prices of fuel are the same in each gas station in French Guiana, it is the prefecture that revises monthly the prices of petroleum products.

Go where you want with confidence! Particularity of the West Indies and French Guyana: the Prefecture revises monthly the prices of petroleum products and all the service stations of the department must respect the current rate.

It is strictly forbidden to take vehicles out of French Guiana.